There are regular player changes in the esports scene, and teams start their training again at a slightly lower level. ED – Mental Energy Drink decided to find a solution with the SponsorED program, and we are happy to announce that for the next six months EXEN's CS:GO academy team will be involved in the SponsorED program.

You chose usto ED's sponsorship program, which is really great. Each of us has developed as an individual and as a team player since last fall. We've learned to communicate better outside of the game and inside as we've gotten to know each other's playing styles”, The development of the academy gang is described by team player Markus "Makeli" Ahonen.

We look forward to seeing what this brings. We have been especially looking forward to the trip to Helsinki", adds Jonne "Jollib" Kortelainen.

"Each of us has our own individual goals, but the goal of the whole team is to participate in as many tournaments as possible and to rise to the ESEA Intermediate level", Kortelainen adds.

EXEN Academy
In addition to initial capital and customized jerseys, the SponsorED program includes guidance from the world's most successful esports psychologist Mia Stellberg and training materials designed by CS:GO coach Toni Luhtapuro.
In addition, the academy team still has its own coach, Eetu "nhk" Anttila, to support them.

"The SponsorED program comes at a good time for us, because we are in a good mood! I'm especially looking forward to Mia Stellberg's performance, because things on the mental side are always challenging, and I myself don't have enough expertise in them to know how to support the players". comment Access to the Anttila SponsorED program.

EXEN's academy activities will be centered around the SponsorED program, and the brand will be visible both in game broadcasts, social media and in daily activities at the office. The values of EXEN and ED in competitive gaming are very similar: We want to develop long-term activities that bring more top players to Finland.

"We are very excited that the academy team from Jyväskylä was selected for the program. We hope that SponsorED will help our team to rise to a higher ESEA league level. These kinds of sponsorships also motivate our team and our support staff to achieve even better results", comments EXEN CEO Patrik Falck.