Main partners

KSPT supplies insulation and scaffolding materials and installation services all over Europe. KSPT locally supports traditional sports as well as e-sports. KSPT has been on EXEN's journey since 2020.

Ġilspalvelu is a personnel service company owned by Finnish entrepreneurs operating in the entire territory of Finland. The additional service has been on EXEN's journey since 2020.

TNNet Oy is an expert in ICT services that offers expert, honest and solution-oriented service. TNNET has produced EXEN's game space connection solutions since 2022!

Jimm's PC-Store Oy is Finland's most expert online store for information technology, components and entertainment electronics. At Jimm's, you will find new game equipment and accessories first! Jimm's offers EXEN game space game hardware and accessory solutions! Get yours at

Sun'n is the well-known soft drink brand of Nokia Brewery. The drinks stand out with their rich flavor worlds. You can find Sun's drinks at EXEN's gaming space and at events, already from 2021. You can also easily order drinks directly to your doorstep from the brewery from the online store.

Pappaliiga is an e-sports league aimed at people over thirty. EXEN is the official game space partner of Pappaliiga, and the cooperation also creates events for Pappaliiga members. Get to know Pappaliiga's activities from here

 EXEN produces the management and marketing of JYP's e-sports team, NHL 6vs6. Through local sports cooperation, game events are also produced at JYP's home hall. JYP has been on EXEN's journey since 2021.

Fizza tarjoaa laadukkaista raaka-aineista valmistettuja pizzoja. Löydät Fizzan pizza-automaatin Jyväskylän Lutakosta. Herkulliset pizzat saat myös suoraan EXENin pelitilan varauksen yhteydessä. Tutustu Fizzaan from here.