Starting from summer 2022, EXEN has been renovating a business premises that looks like itself, which combines the demanding facilities of modern work and professional-level gaming equipment. The space is almost 150 square meters in size, with its own separate game room, workstations, filming station, living room-kitchen, and a separate streaming room.


The farm is located a few kilometers from the center of Jyväskylä (Pajatie 8B 40630 Jyväskylä). The space serves as a workspace for EXEN's background troops and as a training ground for our racing teams. Streamers belonging to our organization also visit our premises at random intervals to stream. We also offer the public once a month the opportunity to come and get to know the space, play games, and get to know other like-minded top guys.

The lounge area is equipped with a functional open kitchen that connects to the spacious living room. There is a 75-inch TV on the wall of the living room, which is great for watching e.g. big esports tournaments and games. There is also a ping-pong table in the space, which you can play between games, for example.


The design of the premises and the equipment have taken into account the needs of pro-level racing teams, and for this we would like to thank our partner Jimm's PC-Store. The PCs are efficient and contain the latest components on the market. The space is furnished with electric tables and gaming chairs from Nitro Concepts. A total of 6 game points. The office also has a Playstation 5 console and additional gaming machines if needed. Asus 280hz gaming monitors serve as monitors.

We would like to thank our partners for making the space possible. Special mention to Jimm's PC-Store and TNNet. You are welcome to visit our premises at the once a month open-door evenings. We will inform you about open doors on our channels and on our website. 

At the beginning of 2023, a booking calendar will open on our website, from which the premises can be rented for private use, for example for birthdays or company refreshment evenings.

Price list:

Day (18:00-02:00) = €150 incl. VAT

Individual lesson: €30 incl. VAT

More information and reservations by e-mail info(a)

"We wanted to set up our own game space because our operations have grown so much that it makes more sense to practice in our own space. In addition to this, we are able to offer the most affordable rent in the city for the use of the game space, so if you need one: Get in touch! ”

Patrik Falck

Chief Executive Officer