EXEN Season ticket – 2023

Do you want to support domestic esports activities? Now it's possible when we released EXE's season ticket.

With a season ticket, you can participate in event nights organized twice a year at the Jyväskylä office, which include gaming, food and good company. In addition, you get a discount on Exen's Bootcamp space rental, online store, coaching and clubs. You will also stay informed about the activities with the help of the newsletter delivered 4 times a year!

Season ticket revenues are used to finance e-sports in Jyväskylä in the form of academy, club and coaching activities.

The price of a season ticket is €50/year. Thanks for joining! 

You can buy a season ticket by pressing here:

We collect personal data for the season ticket, so that we can guarantee that the information passes just to you! You can read our Privacy Policy here:  www.exen.fi/tietosuojaseloseto