Approaching fall means a new ESEA season, and we're not going to stay and watch from the sidelines. We are heading towards new matches with a renewed spirit CS: GO- team - although there are also a few familiar faces.  


Good feelings to be back back to EXEN! Nice guys doing things let's do it like that let's agree.

Samu "Samppa" Kylmälä

In addition to Sampa, familiar faces in the team are Jasper "japE" Svesberg and Saku "Myste" Hirvonen. The trio is completed by Aleksi "Alxc" Lähevirta and Niko "Nksu" Luhaniemi. 

In the coming season, the team's main goal is to move up to the ESEA Advanced series, as well as to play for financial investments in the Finnish leagues. In addition, the team focuses on developing and playing well together. 

We have assembled a team with roles and personal chemistry in mind, I feel that this the group was the best possible whole.

Samu "Samppa" Kylmälä

Chapter 2

We wanted to put together a roster with as much potential as possible. I'm really happy and taken with the fact that we got Samppa back on the roster and two really potential players to complete the five. This is a good start towards autumn and future tournaments.

Patrik "FallA" Falck, CEO

The team arrives in Jyväskylä for bootcamp GamePit Pro mode in August, when the team will focus on training and deepening group dynamics, and of course there will also be a lot of interesting content.


Aleksi "Alxc" Kähevirta 

Niko "Nksu" Luhaniemi  

Saku "Myste" Hirvonen  

Samu "Samppa" Kylmälä  

Jasper “japE” Svensberg  

Jarmo "jamboni" Helttunen (coach)