From the beginning, EXEN has been built on the basis of offering players a good and safe place to grow towards professionalism and the top of e-sports. For this same reason, two young Fortnite professionals are now joining the team: Pyry "päry" Alavaikko, 14, and Arttu "Fluxie" Anttila, 15.



 We want to offer these two young people a place to develop as players and show their talent. It's always interesting to jump into a new game!

Patrik "FallA" Falck


Fluxie has been familiar with the game since its early days, and for example last season he earned 275 from the $ Duo Cash Cup. Päry has been playing Fortnite for over three years. 


 Through this game I have gained many new and interesting relationships, and I look forward to the journey with Exen!

Try "try" Alavaikko

Fortnite player