This year has been a year of turmoil, and so will the end of it. Our CSGO team has come to the decision together that for 2022 all parties will go in search of new peaks and the contracts will not be renewed for the new year. We appreciate their professionalism in the situation and are truly grateful for all that each CS player has brought to Exen through their hard work.

"The year 2021 is coming to an end. Lots of great experiences, memories and wins. Of course, there have also been challenges along the way, but the overriding feeling is a relieved and grateful mind. After lengthy discussions, we came to a unanimous decision as a team that we will not continue for 2022. We were able to challenge Finland's top teams and also in ESEA and Fragleague our success was decent. However, our goals were even higher and together we came to the conclusion that for this team the maximum result has now been measured and it is time to continue separately.

It has been wonderful to see how hard and passionately the young players have worked and developed both as individuals and as a team. Work morale has been extremely high and problem situations have always been solved openly by discussing as a team. Sometimes you just have to make difficult decisions and realize that the paths diverge. I can honestly say that both the players and the organization gave 110% of themselves in 2021. A very big thank you to Exen - under Falla's leadership, you supported the CS team both down and uphill.

Thanks to all the players who have been involved in raising Exen towards the top of the CS scene: Veeti, Miksu, Elmu, Samppa, Sebu, Jallu, Santeri & Jere. Lots of good memories and laughs and new friends. With a clear mind, the first HLTV games and, of course, numerous hours spent in Teamspeak, bootcamps and other shared experiences.

With love,”

Tuomas Rautava

CS:GO Manager

With that, now is the moment when it's time to start planning for 2022, and no, we're not leaving. CSGO is our home and there we will stay #goEXEN.

Thank you,

Samu "Samppa" Kylmälä

Mikael "Mikzuuu" Selander

Veeti "S1rva" Sirva

Elmeri "one" Lind

Sebastian “Sebu” Blomberg

And to everyone who has been involved in Exen's journey with CSGO so far!