As a result of a long consideration, Youssef "Juissi" Adam has decided for personal reasons to leave the competitive game scene and therefore also EXEN for the time being. We support Juiss in his decision and wish him all the best in the future - he himself described his absence this time as just a temporary "breather", so maybe our paths will cross again in the name of esports.

But until then, thank you for your time and contribution, all the best Juissi! In the next few days, we will inform you about the player who will complete the roster.

"It's a very wistful feeling, but at the same time you have to be grateful and happy for the moments you had with Juiss during the past 8 months! Sometimes in life you have to make difficult decisions and the whole team stands behind this decision of Juiss. A big thank you to Juiss for his contribution to EXEN, his positivity was a great help to all of us even in difficult times. All the best for the future and a big thumbs up for the school bench! Keep in touch Jalmari!”

Tuomas Rautava

CS:GO Manager