EXEN is very pleased and honored to welcome new communications manager and partner Tomi "Tombha" Rinne to our talented team!


In the background, he has an extensive resume of esports activities and cooperation has been done, for example, in Assembly breads as a commentator and streamer, and behind the scenes in the role of sales/connection manager. Experience can also be found as a manager of an esports team in the background of Team Gigant.

Tombha was attracted to EXEN by the honest nature and young flexibility of the organization, as well as the potential of these factors to enable new perspectives in terms of communication and marketing - something we feel the entire ecosystem of the esports industry needs. He has expressed a strong will to jump on this train to turn these cards together with the other partners!

The purpose of our new addition to the EXEN family is to develop the activities of our organization and community to an even higher level! We are looking forward to the future and we want to be part of the new, approachable and more communal wave of Finnish esports!

"My own interests include bringing players and content producers even closer to the industry's consumers. I myself have flagged the desire to fan the teams even more, but I feel like I still don't get enough of a handle on how to enjoy the players' journey on their career path.

We will invest in the output of the organization's players, different ways to connect with the players in moments of victory and defeat, and we want to promote real, genuine feelings in communication instead of a sterile glossy image. The first thing that stood out to me about EXEN's team was their honest nature. And that's what we stick to!"

Tomi "Tombha" Rinne

Communications Officer