Time for the last player introduction and of course it's the captain of JYP Jyväskylä Esports: Santeri "indi969" Pendolin, 24, Lahti, is a smart player with several years of experience as a captain.


Why JYP?

At the beginning of last year, we had negotiations going on with several organizations, but we saw a lot of potential and interest in JYP to get involved in e-sports.


How long have you been playing?

Competitively, the NHL has been played since 15 years ago. The first official tournament was at TIKI TALK, who is currently playing ECL Pro. But the NHL has been played since I was a little boy.


Where would you like to be in the future?

In the future, I would like to study an additional degree and possibly work in sports or e-sports.


Why the NHL?

NHL has always been a nice game to play with friends, and at some point I realized that this is where you can actually start doing well.


How do you prepare for games? How much of the opponent should be observed / scouted before the game?

Everyone probably has their own little preparations, but for me, for example, going outside with the dog before games and sometimes listening to music. It depends a little on the team, how much you know it from before, but yes, it should be observed, for example, how the opponent likes to play starting patterns, going into the area, etc.


How many drivers go during the season?

A few controllers will do.


How many game hours will there be per week?

On average, about 10 hours a week are spent in 6v6 format.


Do you have any other hobbies?

Other hobbies include floorball, tennis and frisbee golf.


How is the psychological side, are there any pressures? Is it different to play the so-called at a public event than at home?

When you started playing competitively, you were excited about the games. You have to play quite relaxed, so that you don't have to take any pressure. It's different to play at public events, all the devices are in slightly different positions to what you're used to at home, and the background noise, e.g. the commentary of the games comes through the headphones.


How do you train as a team?

The same as before, i.e. about 10 hours a week.


Do you have a role model or idol?

You have to follow football for a while, so Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo will probably emerge from there.


Where does your nickname come from? Is there some kind of story behind it?

When I lived at home with my mother and got a ps3 and had to start thinking about a psn name, suddenly nothing else came to mind but our dog's name. So that's how we've been going.