Teemu "ITemeI" Laukkanen, 18 years old, Lohja, is the youngest player in the team, who has the potential to become one of the league's best goalkeepers.


Why JYP?

JYP's games have been followed quite a bit in the League and it is one of the few League gangs that has so far shown an interest in non-sports, so it's really cool to be able to represent them.


How long have you been playing?

The first game I remember playing is NHL 07. The game was crowned by the Finnish narrations, which made the game experience even more fun. I got my first taste of the EASHL game format in NHL 19. I've only played a more serious 6v6 game format for less than a year, so I'm quite a newcomer in these circles.


Where would you like to be in the future?

In the future, I want to play for an EASHL team that can compete at a high level. Of course, the goal of every 6v6 player is to win the ECL pitcher, it would be amazing to experience it yourself. On the 1v1 side, I also want to do well at a high level.


Why the NHL?

Lätkä has always been a part of my life and close to my heart. Playing is a passion, so this is where they both come together, which is why the NHL is the game that gets beaten the most and is enjoyed the most.


Do you have experience in the sport as a player?

I've never played in the team myself, but I get to watch the games every week, mostly on weekends because of the start time of the games. On weekdays, the results of all games are always checked.


How do you prepare for games? How much of the opponent should be observed / scouted before the game?

I personally don't do anything out of the ordinary on game days. As a team, we prepare with a couple of warm-up matches before the tournament games. You usually don't scout your opponent in any special way. Of course, certain patterns of the opponent as a team are scouted out, but nothing more surprising than that.


How many drivers go during the season?

I myself change the controller about every 2 months. For PS4 controllers, änäri is a very demanding game. In general, controllers always have the same specific keys that break.


How many game hours will there be per week?

There will be a lot of game lessons in a week. Depending on the week, probably around 35-40 hours on average. That includes 1v1 games and 6v6 games.


How is the psychological side, are there any pressures? Is it different to play the so-called at a public event than at home?

Of course, tournament games always have their own kind of feeling, but I don't feel that I have any greater pressure. As for public events, since I'm such a new face in this scene and due to the prevailing world situation, I haven't been able to organize any public events, I don't have any experience playing in public events yet. I'm looking forward to my first lani games, they definitely have a completely different download than at home online. I hope that the events can be organized as soon as possible.


How many hours do you train as a team?

During the season, the team usually trains 4-5 times a week (Monday-Thursday and Sunday). Usually, it takes 2-3 hours for the renaissance. In the offseason, we will train less and play occasionally when we feel like it.


Do you have a role model or idol?

There is no role model or idol. There are certain players I look up to but can't name one.


Where does your nickname come from? Is there some kind of story behind it?

The nickname simply comes from my nickname, which friends and loved ones call me, i.e. Teme, those "bars" are only made of capital letters because it looks cooler.