This is the start of JYP Jyväskylä Esports' player introductions, which are published every Wednesday and Friday*. In the player introduction, goalkeeper Santeri "Sandr0hh" Reijasalo, 26 years old from Kouvola, is first in line. Santeri has played in JYP's goal since the foundation and can even take responsibility as a field player if necessary.

*The second presentation of the first week will exceptionally be published on Thursday instead of Friday.


Why JYP?

After the previous long-term gang broke up, a new team had to be found, and the then Symphony was the choice. The core of the team was the most to my taste and I have not regretted the choice. Almost immediately after my own transfer, the JYP deal was announced. JYP seemed like an interesting, youthful organization and was already interested in playing 6v6, unlike other Liiga gangs.


How long have you been playing?

If the number one NHL 99 games and PS2 games played with friends are taken from the bills, then the first personal game was NHL 07 on Xbox. The first online games were probably around NHL 09. At that time, quite a lot of 1v1 games were played. EASHL came along during NHL 13, the club has been played ever since.


Where would you like to be in the future?

It has been hanging by the ropes for many years, so the future goal is to raise at least one ECL pitcher. I hope that the development of the game series and the community will go forward, so there will continue to be motivation to play at a good level.


Why the NHL?

Having played as a goalkeeper since Nappula and always being followed, that's what it comes from. Then when at some point you still noticed that you can really do well in this, you didn't have to change the game. Other games will be played as well, but they haven't had quite the same success...


Do you have experience in the sport as a player?

1v1 games have always been hacked and a couple of times even in the SC games. Now, I haven't played 1v1 games for a couple of years, just random games. The club has been played at a good level until NHL 14. "Achievements" could include a tight game 7 loss in one ECL final and numerous TOP4 positions on the ECL and eSM side.


How do you prepare for games? How much of the opponent should be observed / scouted before the game?

I don't have anything special, a couple of dice games before the tournament games. At least I don't do scouting too badly myself, except in the playoffs you have to look a little bit at the bunch to see what's coming from there. My playing style doesn't vary much depending on the opponent.


How many drivers go during the season?

0, orkkis vm- 14 controller let's go :D. A new spare guide just in case the cup goes upside down.


How many game hours will there be per week?

Änäri should be played in the offseason 1-3 times a week, 3-4 games in the evening. Then a little more during the tournament.


Do you have any other hobbies?

Other hobbies include handball, gymnastics at the gym and other games, e.g. CS.


How is the psychological side, are there any pressures? Is it different to play the so-called at a public event than at home?

There is not much pressure these days, except of course a little good tension in decisive games. So many kilometers behind that playing is not exciting. Having played at the lanes a couple of times, I can say that it is a bit different to play there than from home.


How do you train as a team?

We have two goalkeepers, so I'm not playing every time when the rest of the team is screwing up. Almost all of my own hours are playing/practicing with the team.


Do you have a role model or idol?

It doesn't exist in the game world. In the early days, you had to watch how other clubs play, and from there you could perhaps say something about old school clubs, but there is no special role model. On the right hand side, mostly Finnish shopkeepers.


Where does your nickname come from? Is there some kind of story behind it?

There is no more special story than this. We had to come up with a new one for the new gen when we switched from the Xbox side. Sandro had been taken. I guess I tried all kinds of different versions and finally Sandr0hh was selected as the best option!