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Exen Esports proudly welcomes our Rocket League roster! Our new team addition is one of the best Finnish Rocket League teams, with tremendous potential.


The players joining the family of Exen are Kalle 'LethalKale' Lehto, Aleksi 'Aleksiii' Huiko and Osman 'Labyrinth' Ali. Welcome!

The team is Sponsored by Central Finland's biggest game & frontend Developer company, Zaibatsu Interactive, who are known for their “Möllit” children's game and “Rambo: Last Click” idle game, among other things. Zaibatsu started their esports sponsorships with a main sponsorship for the JYP Jyväskylä esports NHL team in the spring of 2020.

"Our state of mind is to not only make our own brand known but to also be a positive influence on the development of the Gaming scene in Jyväskylä.

With Exen, we will be doing close collaboration, which bases on knowing the personnel of the organization, and our own participation. A great example of this is our work with Exen's Twitch channel, where our Head of Sales goes to cast the CS:GO teams games.

Rocket League is a fun game that's growth in the esports scene is easy to believe. So naturally, we are gladly helping a promising team to launch.“

Jussi Perttola

CEO, Zaibatsu Interactive

We managed to catch a comment from the Captain of the Rocket League team: 


"We are feeling great about joining [Exen]. We have been thinking about joining an organization for a while, and Exen feels just perfect for us. It is also very important to the Finnish Rocket League scene that we get more organizations involved, so this is very beneficial for everyone.

We have big expectations for the upcoming tournament, and everything except a win would be a disappointment. We know that we have the three best players in the tournament, and we have made it to the [Finnish] Finals every time. We have had our Downs when it comes to teamplay, which have caused some losses but thankfully we have managed to start working on it.“

Kalle 'LethalKale' Lehto

Captain, Rocket League roster

Exen Esports is proud to welcome our Rocket League team! Our newest team addition is one of the best and most potential Rocket League teams in Finland.


Our new players are Kalle 'LethalKale' Lehto, Aleksi 'Aleksiii' Huiko and Osman 'Labyrinth' Ali. Welcome!

The team will be supported by the largest gaming company in Central Finland Zaibatsu Interactive, known for the Möllit children's game and Rambo: Last Click quick game, among others. Zaibatsu started esports sponsorship with the main sponsorship of the JYP Jyväskylä Esports NHL team in spring 2020.



"Our ambition is not only to make our own name known, but also to have a positive impact on the development of the Jyväskylä gaming scene

With Exen, we cooperate at the grassroots level, which is based on knowing the background people of the organization and our own participation. Even our sales director sometimes streams Exen's matches.

Rocket League, on the other hand, is a really fun game whose growth as a sport is easy to believe. It is therefore natural that we are involved in helping a promising team get started."

Jussi Perttola

Chief Executive Officer, Zaibatsu Interactive

We also managed to catch a comment from the captain of our Rocket League team:


"Pretty good feelings [about joining Exen]. We've been thinking about joining the organization for a while now, and Exen just seems right for us. It is also really important for the Finnish RL scene to get more organizations involved, so I think this is beneficial for everyone.

The expectations [regarding the tournament] are quite high, everything but the victory would be a disappointment. We know that we have the three best players in the tournament and we have reached the final every time in Finnish tournaments if we have played together. We sometimes have a small problem with the team's teamwork, which has resulted in losses at times, but even that has slowly started to improve."

Kalle 'LethalKale' Lehto

Captain, The Rocket League team