Exen Esports and Omapaja Oy have started cooperation, the goal of which is to increase awareness of light entrepreneurship and employ people through e-sports.

It is common for e-sports organizations to produce a lot themselves or buy services, e.g. from professional photographers, trainers, graphic artists and tube artists. With the cooperation of Omapaja, Exen Esports wants to encourage and promote young people's career opportunities through entrepreneurial activities.

E-sports is not only about professional gaming, but the activity is supported by a huge number of professionals with different tasks. We aim to promote the employment and professional careers of our organization and community representatives in this media-oriented industry, comments the CEO of Exen Esports Patrik Falck.

Omapaja will pay a 20% commission from its service fee for all work billed as a light entrepreneur of Omapaja directly to Exen Esports. The support does not affect the light entrepreneur's own salary.

Our cooperation is part of the Tuetaan hävä campaign launched by Omapaja. We are very happy to have Exen Esports as a partner in doing good in the esports industry. Through the partnership, we can support the club and help young people get additional income or find employment as Omapaja small entrepreneurs. Everyone wins in this cooperation, says Omapaja Oy
managing director Marko Tyyskä.

Omapaja Oy is an expert in modern working life and entrepreneurship operating throughout Finland. The invoicing service serving Omapaja helps people to acquire additional income, to fully employ themselves or to take a safe path to entrepreneurship. The user of Omapaja's invoicing service does not need to establish his own company to act as an entrepreneur, but he can act as a so-called as a light entrepreneur, focusing only on doing his own work. Omapaja takes care of invoicing, bookkeeping, payroll, declarations and accounting of taxes to the taxman on behalf of the small business owner, as well as taking out the necessary insurances.