Now you have a unique opportunity to participate in Finland's most advanced Fortnite coaching! Together with Incoach, Finland's most experienced esports coaching company, Exen is launching a Fortnite academy that includes weekly competitive game coaching with goal-oriented teammates. At the academy, you can challenge yourself in new tasks and get to know the world of competitive gaming under the guidance of our professional coach.

Information about the Academy:
The training is carried out completely remotely, and the Academy consists of two training days a week. The subjects to be trained vary from communication to construction every week, and we guarantee that the participants will learn new things and find new like-minded game buddies! To support the training, our coach creates an individual training program for each participant, which allows the academy members to train outside of training as well. In addition to playing, we focus on increasing performance through healthy lifestyles and exercise. The academy is suitable for a young person with good basic skills, who is interested in competitive gaming, and who strives to develop and progress while playing. The training consists of versatile group and individual exercises and is suitable for both solo and team players. Our experienced coach, Bastian "Basu" Straker, known from Fortnite circles, guarantees everyone's enjoyment and rapid development in our academy!

You can find more information about the academy and the registration form on Incoach's website at: If the Academy raised questions for you, you can contact Incoach via email or on Discord Cepi#3539