Head to the Prisma Seppälä Gaming department on Shrove Tuesday!


Thursday 26.5. the Central Fifa championship will be decided, when EXEN, Middle country and JJK are organizing the Helaturstai games event in Jyväskylä Prisma Seppälän Gaming- section from 13:00 to 18:00. FIFA tournament stream and commentary Kasper "Kape37" Koskinen, so you can also enjoy the games from your home couch! 

Registration for the FIFA tournament is done in advance, and if there are more places for the registrants, the winners of the tournament will be drawn from among the registrants. Register for the tournament on 22.5. by here. In the tournament, the best three will be awarded with gift cards from the S group: The winner will receive a €200 gift card, the second will receive a €100 gift card and the third will receive a €50 gift card.

In addition to the tournament, you can test your ball control skills and challenge JJK players in a bouncing challenge! JJK's product prizes are in store for the most skilled.

Come and have fun on Happy Thursday at the Prisma Seppälä Gaming stand and watch who will become the FIFA champion of Keskimaa!