Together with Pro Gaming Gear brand Qpad, we are proud to announce our entry into the Valorant scene. Our roster is as follows: Rasmus "Blomster" Blomqvist, Paulus "kETTU" Paakki, Roope "Vuubit" Eilola, Linus "Limpe" Räty & Jirka "Laze" Jokela. The manager of the team is our very own Mikko Halila.

We got a comment from Halila regarding the roster:

"I started working with this five man roster a few weeks back and I must say I have enjoyed every second of the time I've worked with them. A great group of guys who are very motivated to develop and want to get better as a unit. We've had a good chemistry from day one with them and I really enjoy spending time with them on and off duty. I am confident that we are able to achieve great things as a team in the future. Looking forward to the bootcamp next month with the boys and all the tourneys and practice sessions we are going to have together. I feel like we are able to achieve big things together."

Mikko Halila

Valorant Manager