Väinö "vee_SILE" Pietilä, born in 1996, Mäntsälä, is one of the newest additions to JYP Jyväskylä Esports.


Where do you come from?

I have spent my whole life in Mäntsälä.


Why JYP?

I came to JYP because the Linari in question is part of an old gang, Symphony, which was in the finals of the 2018 ECL Elite and won the bronze medal in Finland. Many gangs were asked for both opening and back-up roles, but I already knew in advance that work ethic, pure individual skills, the chemistry I was familiar with in the gang and other community issues that are important to me, that everything is fine here. There is potential to go all the way in every tournament. In addition to this, my current life situation is more suitable for playing in JYP, without opening it further.


How long have you been playing?

I started playing in earnest before school age already, but since 2010 I have been playing competitively in various tournaments and leagues.


Where would you like to be in the future?

I can't say anything else about my future plans, since working with children and young people is really close to my heart and esports is a good second on the side, if something ever happens to open up this way. But it must be admitted that it would require our species to pop up a bit bigger. But in a nutshell, children, young people and sports. Quite a nice combo.


Why the NHL?

NHL because I've been watching it since I was little, and my grandparents played games both offline and online for a long time, before I got my own Xbox 360. Tovi came after being followed, but next door, purely because "you, you, you, it's so cool, and you'll get there". They joined their gang at the time, SIKA, and quickly realized that this monkey skin can't play.


Do you have experience in the sport as a player?

Adding to that recent one, it's really been played since 2010 and, with the exception of a few rowdy comp matches, the venue has always been LD. Experience as a member of the captaincy can be found in almost every gang I've played in. Always somehow adopted that role and felt the appreciation of those around me, came as if by myself and then took care of the work. It must be said that it has been helpful even in "real" life.


How do you prepare for games? How much of the opponent should be observed / scouted before the game?

Well, personally, I can say that I prepare for training as well as for official games by making sure that I have rested enough the night before the games, and if I don't, then the sleepers call and the coffee/Red Bull jeezs exactly an hour before touching the console. It has pretty much become a routine for myself. Another thing besides rest is a certain hunger, you don't feel like I'm in shape less often if I'm hungry or if it's really bad, so yes, I've learned to cover eating a little more carefully, the more serious and demanding the playing itself has become over the years. Scouting the opponent has become the "norm" perhaps in the last couple of years. Of course, we used to watch Wihu's games and I saw that, but in order to learn and make demos/analysis videos for ourselves either of our own game or Vihu's game, there has been a lot of attention paid to it, the so-called during nextgen, especially NHL18 onwards.


How many drivers go during the season?

I probably need two or three controllers per leap year, that is, well, calendar year. At the launch of the game, the game will be automatically renewed, and then sometime after Christmas, it will be updated even if nothing has been broken.


How many game hours will there be per week?

Before, i.e. sometimes in my "prime", I played closer to 15 hours per week plus other things related to playing the game, but nowadays those hours have shrunk to less than ten per week. Especially now that JYP has the so-called back-up role, so that individual training should definitely be added to the current one.


Do you have any other hobbies?

I've never really had any other hobbies, as the NHL has taken up a lot of time and energy both in childhood and adulthood, especially when playing most of the time is concentrated in the evening hours.


How is the psychological side, are there any pressures? Is it different to play the so-called at a public event than at home?

Well, I think it's different to play when it's an official match. Monethan always says that you don't feel pressure or that "it's the same game after all", and I'm not saying that you should overthink it, that you're playing a tournament game and now you have to shake, but I personally feel it more as a positive thing, you don't get emotional, you don't otherwise we play seriously and there is no bullshit where you can throw a pencil into something or try to get ahead, etc. It's simply harder to play when it's real. Then tell me if it's pressure or what it is. And I've played at LANs once, in SM 2018, and it was a great feeling to play then. Yes, it was a strange thing at first, the whole thing is not on stage and the audience and the narration are pouring in the background, but then I quickly forgot about it and just enjoyed playing on the big stage. I hope you will be able to experience it again someday, since it has already been 2.5 years since that experience.


How many hours do you train as a team?

I would say that during the season, the team's key playing hours are, or at least should always be, more than 10 per week. Of course, that also includes the computer game hours themselves, which are +3 hours per ECL week on average. And in the offseason, depending on the players' availability and such, yes, it breaks down for 8-10 hours quite often when the grind is on, so to speak. Some young wild ones and why not a little bit older ones (tbnanti) then still rub the versus sometimes for hours on top of that, but it has never really felt like its own thing in the long term, even though it does good things sometimes.


Do you have a role model or idol?

In terms of playing Änär, my grandparents were and of course still are important role models for me, specifically as players. But then as a person, as a teammate or as a leader, I don't really know anything specific about that, when I feel that my own personality and everything that I am as a player on the ice, especially in the "booth", has been built calmly through successes and also of course mistakes over the years. The first time I got an A on my chest was when I was 15 years old, when the average age of the gang was closer to 30, and it didn't take long when I had a C on my chest, so I guess that tells you something. There have been some good dudes around in different gangs over the years, you don't know how to appreciate even that you don't support and you've learned.


Where does your nickname come from? Is there some kind of story behind it?

SILE originally comes from my Xbox Gamertäg "Silenttio", which I then modified to "vSilenttio" when switching to the nextgen PS4, when some characters had always called me Väinö Silenttio. And then over time it just became "vee SILE" when I wanted a slightly more reasonable shape for the tag. Silenttio itself was invented in 2009? when, for some reason, I wanted my player ID to be "Silent (something)", so my uncle said, well, how about Silenttio.