We are a fast growing esports organization and we are excited to announce our new roster for Rainbow Six Siege. The esports scene in this game is gaining momentum, where we are going to show up!

The roster is as follows: Tuomas "JDudez" Turula, Verneri "VML" Lempää, Jan-Peter "Kakkupala" Karlund, Joni "Rotko4" Oikari & Mikko "Meeppi" Föhr.

R6 team captain, Tuomas "JDudez" Turula, gave us a comment regarding the future plans of the team:

"For now, we are aiming to get into the Playoffs of Ubisoft Nordic Championship, and we might get there with good teamwork and focus. Our team spirit is good, we don't take things too seriously and have gotten all the way into Nordic with a chill and free atmosphere inside the game. Nevertheless, losses are a crucial experience which we are analyzing to be better next time!”

Tuomas "JDudez" Turula

Captain, Rainbow Six Siege Roster

We are going to take part in the popular Ubisoft Nordic Championship tournament, which will be played in Rainbow Six Siege! Follow our social media to keep track of our announcements about games, clips, and other content.

All the tasks which are related to the official maintenance of an esports team are a bit complicated in the R6 sector as well, but our Manager Intern, Kenny Vainio, will make the R6 team adaptation much better and easier.

Here is Kenny's comment about the future plans of Exen Esports:


"The team has already achieved amazing results in such a short time and has also qualified for the top Nordic R6 tournament, which will be a great opportunity to play against Europe's best R6 teams. We are looking forward to seeing how our new team can establish itself within the Nordic countries this year."

Kenny Vainio

Manager Intern