We decided to update our new Player of the Month programme so that we could be able to reward members from any team and department in our organization. With this, we are more than excited to announce our Member of the Month, in collaboration with Pizzeria Via Tribunali!


For the month of April our Member of the Month is Minéa aka Asdmaker1, from our Stream team! She has shown true dedication towards her streaming career and inspired us all to work a bit harder towards our goals. We would also like to congratulate her for being accepted into the Twitch Partnership Program!

We are rewarding Asdmaker1, together with Pizzeria Via Tribunali with a gift card to their restaurant! Pizzeria Via Tribunali is Finland’s only certified Neapolitan pizzeria, with two restaurants in Helsinki, and one in Kolari.

Asdmaker1 has been a perfect example of a streamer we want to support as an organization. Her hard work, positive attitude and initiative has paid off as she was just partnered by Twitch. Keep up the good work!

Miikka Sipilä