After last weeks tournament, we are proud to call our Rocket League roster the Finnish Championships silver medalists!

This was Exen Esports debut in the Rocket League scene and we went and got ourselves our first Finnish Championships medal. This is all possible because of the support from Zaibatsu Interactive and the skills and devotion of our talented players: Kalle ‘LethalKale’ Lehto, Aleksi ‘Aleksiii’ Huiko, and Osman ‘Labyrinth’ Ali.


Exen 3 : 0 Vasikoiden verikosto
Exen 3 : 0 Testo
Exen 2 : 3 We Dem Finns
Kasualii 0 : 3 Exen


The tournament started on Thursday the 19th with the first qualifiers. We played 4 games, and fought our way straight to the Finals Weekend, without having to participate in the second qualifiers. As can be seen in the results table, we won 3 out of 4 games during the qualifiers.

The Finals Weekend started on Saturday the 21st. We took 2 clean wins at first, and then had a bit of a show with From The Air!, that ended up in a 3 – 1 win for us. With that win we won the Higher Bracket and got an automatic 1 match point for the Grand Final.

The Grand Final was a proper thriller. Most of the 7 rounds ended up going over-time, that’s how tough and close the final was. At the end From The Air! took the gold, but what a fight we had! It was a well-played final from both teams, and we are again, so proud of our team and excited for the first ever Finnish Championships medal for Exen Esports.



Exen 3 : 0 Stinkers
We Dem Finns 0 : 3 Exen
From The Air! 1 : 3 Exen
Exen 3 : 4 From The Air!