What a week! It really is a busy autumn for our CS:GO Team. They went all in last Sunday at the Rainmaker Open, and here you can read all about it, BUT FIRST – A comment from team member MiikA:

“We are all feeling amazing after Sunday’s games. In my opinion, our results and playing has been looking really good, even though we have had a stand-in player, [konstab], which has affected our usual training plans. We are looking forward to this weeks ESEA Main matches and are moving forward with positive minds and an aim for wins!“

Miika 'MiikA' Taskinen

CS:GO Team


SAWO Esports 6 : 16 Exen
Exen 10 : 16 KOVA Esports
KOVA Esports 16 : 10 Exen
Exen 13 :16 Choco & Friends
Choco & Friends 13 : 16 Exen
Exen 16 : 14 Choco & Friends

The guys went all in on Sunday at the RUSHMODE & Rainmaker Open Season 2; The gameday started with a BO1, against SAWO Esports. They won the game with flying colours and made it to the winners’ bracket, where they were defeated by KOVA Esports, in really tough 2 matches. They still had one chance; The Deciders Match, against Choco & Friends, who won SAWO Esports in the Elimination Match. This game was no joke: they went through all 3 matches, and won 2-1, making it to the playoffs!!

Our first game in the playoffs will be on the 13th of October, which is a Tuesday, at 20:00 EEST, against VISU. The playoffs will be broadcasted live through Telia Esports Series channels. The 2 best teams from the playoffs will go through to the finals, which is a BO5 game, on the 18th of October. Mark your calendars!

We also had 2 ESEA Main Season 35 games last week. First one on Monday 14th against VISU Gaming, and the second one on Wednesday the 16th against cooL Gaming IDM. You can see the results of these both games on the right.
Our next ESEA games are as following:

Exen 10 : 16 VISU Gaming
cooL Gaming IDM 14 : 16 Exen

Exen vs Lucendi Gaming // Thursday 24.9. 20:30 EEST *INFO*

YMCA Esports vs Exen // Sunday 27.9. 20:00 EEST *INFO*

These dates and times are subject to change.