These couple of weeks have been busy for our CS:GO team, and there’s even more games to come. Let’s go through some of the tournament results, and see what’s waiting for us this month. We got a comment from our one and only AKE, Exen CS:GO team member, regarding their games, plans, and hopes for the future:

“After our first season ended, we all took a break, which has now shown in our results. As a team we have now decided to shape up – we have upped our practice hours, and the amount and quality which we put into our games, practices, and team play. Next season we will have better opponents than the previous seasons, so we as a team have to make sure that the same change is visible in our own gameplay. We need to be able to show that we belong in these leagues and tournaments. “

Leevi 'AKE' Kovalainen

CS:GO Team



Exen 1 : 0 masterit
Exen 1 : 0 Tiikerit Esports
Classic Esports 0 : 1 Exen
Exen 1 : 0 YMCA Esports

We entered the Rushmode & Rainmaker Open Season 2 Qualifier #2, and made it to the next round, winning 4 games!

The Rainmaker Open tournament has 6 qualifiers, from those 12 teams will win their way through to the next round, where in addition to the 12 teams there will also be 4 of the best Finnish teams, based on HLTV ranking. From this round only 8 will go on to fight for a spot in the finals – this round will be broadcasted on Telia Esports Series channels.

The final will be held at Assembly online, where the best 2 teams will fight for the #1 spot and 8,000 euros in a game of BO5. Let’s wish good luck to our team, and we hope to see them in the final!

We fought our way through the Esportal & LeoVegas CS:GO Open qualifiers #4, and managed to win a spot in the Finnish Regional with our game against SJK. During the Saturday of the finals, we had some temporary changes in our roster with VazZuli covering for AKE who was unable to attend. We started the day with 2-0 victory against Retired5, but unfortunately our road ended in the semifinals against SJK eSports, who came to get their revenge. GG!


Exen 16 : 9 SJK
Retired5 13 : 16 Exen
Retired5 10 : 16 Exen
Exen 10 : 16 SJK
Exen 8 : 16 SJK



Conquer Gaming 16 : 4 Exen
Exen 9 : 16 High Coast Esports

ESEA Main Season 35 started with two defeats against Conquer Gaming and High Coast Esports. Fortunately the season isn’t over yet, and our team has the opportunity to reclaim themselves. Make sure to mark down our next games to your calendars:

Exen vs Marlian eSports 8.9.2020 21:00 EEST *INFO*

Exen 13 : 16 Marlian eSports

EXTREMUM Academy vs Exen 10.9.2020 20:00 EEST *INFO*

Exen vs VISU Gaming 15.9.2020 21:00 EEST *INFO*