One of our main focuses at Exen Esports is to bring well-being and health-conscious thinking to the lives of our players and to the esports scene as a whole – that is why, we are more than honoured to have the prestigious Eveliina Rauhansalo in our family, as our Wellness Coach.


“I have been working in the field of physical education for over ten years; coaching and rehabilitating people of all ages and all skill-levels of athletes and fitness enthusiasts, as well as educating and training students and experts of the field. I don’t have much knowledge about video games but what I do know is how the mind and body of a human being work. I know what a player needs to do so they can be physically and mentally strong.

Just like in other sports, the body and the mind are the most important tools in competitive gaming. A big burden for the players are prolonged static postures, repetitive movements, as well as cognitive functions, which require unflagging focus, precision, and reaction speed.

Low levels of sleep, suboptimal nutrition and, poor fitness levels all lower the performance of a player. There is no room for this, especially in competitive matches where even couple of milliseconds can determine the result of the match.

The goal of wellness coaching is to maximize the players’ performance to fit the level of competitive gaming. This will be achieved by offering the players tools and support for the planning and achieving of actions, that will boost their performance.”


Eveliina Rauhansalo

Student of Master of Health Sciences (MHS) / University of Jyväskylä, Faculty of Sport Sciences
– Physiotherapy (Teacher Education of Health Sciences)
– Exercise Psychology
– Health Education

Authorized Personal Trainer
Mental Coach
Strength Coach
Gym Coach
Wellness Coach