Media and events production

EXEN event production

EXEN implements gaming and e-sports events on a turnkey basis. We have been implementing game point activities, e.g. At Ruisrock (Sisu Esports Lounge 2022), SuomiPop festival, Jyväskylä Prisms from 2021 and JYP's KickOff event.

In the events, we make use of our famous streamers (influencers) and our e-athletes. Our event point is easy to connect to an existing or completely new event complex. With the help of our activities, it is possible to promote the partner's product and service sales, create new experiences and offer the whole family something meaningful to do with games.

Our event production is structured as follows:

  • joint marketing before, during and after
  • hardware and technology
  • program planning and implementation, e.g. challenge competitions, raffles, streams
  • streamers and gamers
  • photo and video photography, e.g. after movie

The price of event production starts at €1,000 (+VAT 24 %) including 6 hours of implementation, equipment and description.

If you are interested, please contact the address and let's implement a gaming event that your company likes!


Ruisrock 2022

"Esports became part of the festival experience. The Sisu esports lounge implementation was nominated for brand activation of the year at the European Festival Awards! In Ruisrock 2022, anyone could challenge Finland's best NHL22 player Arttu "Artuzio" Mustila. There was also a free play area in the area for those who wanted to spend time with their friends and feel the performances on the main stage. We produced live streams of the event with famous streamers and influencers, so that people from their sofas at home could also get into the festival atmosphere. The event was produced in cooperation with Cloetta's Sisu lozenge brand."

Ruisrock 2022

Prisma Seppälä

"Cooperation with Exe esports has been uncomplicated. From the planning of the event, it worked excellently, because ideas were thrown around. As a final product, the Black Friday Games event was a good whole, where customers had the opportunity to try more game points and challenge the reigning Finnish champion in the NHL22 game.

Streaming brought a good and more professional image of the event, when the image could be conveyed to viewers both online and in stores. The aftermovie of the event was a plus, which we can take advantage of by marketing future events to customers and suppliers".

Mikko Venemies,
Assistant Sales Manager
Prisma Seppälä

Nokian Brewery

"Exen esports has a passionate and professional team, with whom it has been great to cooperate for a long time, which is beneficial to both. We have also learned a lot from Exen about e-sports, which is growing at a tremendous pace among the most popular sports. Both Exen and Nokian Panimo have a desire to develop and grow, so we get along great for that as well."

Janne Paavola,

Chief Executive Officer
Nokian Brewery