Matteus Haapasaari

Leo Hellman

Kalle Veid

Santeri Hiironen

Niko Tulla

Titus Kalsi

Ari-Pekka Moilanen
Exen Academy Manager

Exen CS:GO Academy is a group of six students. We are interns from Gradia vocational college studying Ict technician. As on-the-job trainees we will be running the whole academy team like it would be our own organisation and we take care of everything including social medias, like Twitter and Instagram, financial field, sponsors and gaming. The academy team is also in collaboration with Gradia, and it’s run with the help of Exen. Our goal is to learn about business activities from e-sports and how they are run. Also we are trying to achieve huge amount of followers by the end of March and succeed in tournaments. This webpage is run by the students just like the social medias.  We are looking for sponsors to support us.